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    The Realms Empty The Realms

    Post by Acefire17 on Tue Mar 27, 2012 1:25 am

    Prologue: Never Wanted

    I never wanted this life. I just wanted to go to duel academy, meet some new friends, learn some new skills, and maybe get a girlfriend. But NO, I had to go ahead and get caught between a never ending war between monsters. This is my story, and after your read it, you will wish u hadn’t.

    Saturday, December 31st
    I woke up to my alarm blasting like crazy. I looked out my window to see it was still dark outside. After 2 minutes of sitting in my bed trying to remember why I set my alarm so early, I finally remembered. “SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”, I screamed, “Im gunna be late for the duel academy exams”. I ran to my bathroom, taking a quick shower and putting on some fresh clothes. I ran out the door, “I’ll be back later mom”, I hollered as I ran out of the house, hoping she could hear me. It was a 5 minute jog to the testing area. Boy, was it packed. There was barely any room to sit. After signing in, I took my number and sat down, thinking since I came late I would get a little time to rest and think of a plan.

    “NUMBER 6900 JOEY NEKO”, someone called. “Here”, I shouted. As I walked up to the stage, I could here everyone talking, “Who let the rat in”, and “I didn’t know they did charity at the academy”, and “Where did he get those ugly clothes”. I tried not to look at them. I spotted some of my friends waving to me from the stands. That brought me a little hope. I stepped up the the arena, ready for the worst.

    “You Joey Neko”, my tester asked. He was about a middle age man, looking like he didn’t want to be there.
    “Yes sir”, I replied.
    “Well you already know the rules, or you wouldn’t be here. Testee first”.
    I activated my duel disk, and noticed a man off to the side watching, wearing a heavy trench coat. Weird, it was pretty hot outside. I put him to the side oh my mind as I prepared fro my duel.
    “I draw, First I activate the magic card, Double Summon, allowing me to normal summon 1 extra time this turn. I summon Laval Coatl and Laval Warrior. I tune my Warrior to my Coalt to synchro summon Laval the Great. I activate it’s effect, and sent Mystical Space Typhoon to my grave. I set 2 cards face-down, and end my turn.

    “Impressive turn kid, My turn Draw. I set 1 monster and 2 cards face-down, that’s all.

    “Draw, I normal summon Laval Lancelord, thanks to his effect, even though he is destroyed during the end phase. Attack his face down LanceLord”. It looked back at me, nodded, and threw his spear in a deadly aim at the face-down. The card exploded, but it’s effect was activated.

    “Thanks to Sangan’s effect, I can add 1 monster with 1500 or less attack from my deck to my hand, and I choose Elemental Hero Clayman”.

    “Sure, Attack the Greater”. My Laval acknowledged me, and flew toward the tester. It stopped a inch in front of him, and threw a fireball at his chest. The tester gasped as his life point dropped to 5600.

    “Good turn kid, Mine now. Draw. I summon Elemental Hero Heat. Now I activate the Spell card Super Polymerization. I discard 1 card, and I can fusion summon using your Laval and my Hero”.

    “Not so fast, I activate Solemn Warning”. My Life points dropped to 6000.
    “Smart kid, not wasting that earlier”.
    “Ill set 2 cards then end my turn”, he said.

    “My turn, Draw. I activate I activate heavy storm”.
    The tester gasped as his Solemn Warning and Bottomless Trap Hole was destroyed.
    “Then I activate monster reborn, bringing back my Laval the Greater.”

    By this time, more people were starting to watch our duel.

    “Then I activate the field spell, Molten Destruction”. Little Volcano’s erupted out of the ground. “My Laval The Greater attack is raised to 2900. Now I Normal summon Laval LanceLord thanks to his effect, even though he is destroyed during the end phase. His attack is 2100 + my 500 attack increase. So 2600. End this now my Laval’s. FIRE LANCE!!!”.
    Lancelord threw a spear straight at the tester, and The Greater surrounded it in a Ring of Fire. The tester started grinning as his life points dropped to 0.
    “Great duel kid, I think you’re the best I tested today”, he replied coming over to shake my hand.
    “Thanks dude, I guess it was all luck”, I said.

    After 10 minutes of watching other people duel, I got tired so I decided to go home.

    As I walked home, I felt a strange feeling that someone was following me.
    Just my luck, I thought, I have a stalker.
    When I turned the corner to my house, something grabbed me.
    I tensed up, and got ready to fight, thinking it was some kidnapper.
    I lashed out, kicking him in the nuts. “How does that feel”, I said laughing.

    A moan of pain erupted from him……wait, that sound sounded familiar. I pulled off his hood to reveal a smilling face.

    “JAKE”, I shouted.
    “Is that anyway to treat a brother who has been good for 2 month’s”, he said smiling as he sat on the floor.
    “What are u doing here”, I asked,” Aren’t u suppose to be working for some big time card maker”?
    “Ya, I am, I made a deck for my boss that you inspired, and he liked it so much he said I could give it to you as a first of a line of custom deck”.
    “LEMME SEE LEMME SEE!!!!!!!!!!”, I yelled.
    “Fine, Fine”, he said laughing, “Just stop groping me, it’s not in my pockets.
    He pulled out a little case from the inside of his jacket.
    The Box had to Black Star on it and said
    Shadow Deck.
    Inspired by Joey Neko.

    I grabbed the box from him and ripped off the cover.

    I began shifting through the card’s, “Shadow Hole”, “Shadow Beast”, “Shadow Sorcerer”, and a bunch of other Shadow type monster’s.
    “Dude, this is so cool and all, but how did I inspire it”?
    “Remember when we were little, you would run around the playground, screaming “IM THE SHADOW LORD, IM GUNNNA GET YOU”.
    We both laughed at the memory.

    “Oh, and there is something else you should know, there are a couple of decks like your, all a realm”.
    “What do u mean”, I asked.
    “Well, There is the Shadow Realm, which you have, The…..
    To be continued in chapter 1 Very Happy

    Chapter 1: Duel Academy

    Saturday, December 31st
    “Shadow Realm, Machine Realm, and Hopeless Realm” Jake said, “but those are the only ones we know about”.
    “Ok, I can under Machine Realm, but what’s a Hopeless realm, and what do u mean that those are the only ones you know about?”.
    “Hopeless monster’s are a special kind. They mostly focus on using there effect’s to summon more hopeless monster’s and destroy your card’s, and for your second question, I worked with another person to make your deck. We made 3 decks, Shadow, Machine, and Hopeless. They all were a major success, but out boss gave me all the credit. My partner was enraged. He vanished in the middle of the night. The cards have special properties, and if used in the wrong hands, they could cause major destruction. We may think he will be using these cards for evil”.
    “Dude, this is to much”, I said
    “Don’t worry”, he said, “Just sleep on it, your going to duel academy soon, your gunna want to practice with your new deck”.

    Monday, January 12th
    The three weeks that my brother was here passed fast. It was mostly all training for duel academy. One of my most recent questions was “What is a Dark Synchro?”, but he would alaways reply with the same, “Your not ready yet”. And so, before we knew it, the day to board the submarine to duel academy had come.
    *At the docks*
    “Oh im gunna miss u so much baby”, said my mom.
    Just like her, hate me at the house, act like a caring mother in front of everyone else.
    “Cya Jake”, I said, “Thanks for all you help”
    Jake was looking around, like something was stalking him.
    “Hmm…..Oh ya No Problem little Bro”.
    “Well….I better go guys”, I said, “I’ll miss you guys”.
    I walked slowly to the submarine, not daring to take a look back.
    The boat was HUGE. It had a bunch of rooms, like 10 dueling arenas, and a café to hang out and chat.
    I quickly found a room with my name on it, it was colored green. I thought this was a bit peculiar, but I left it to the side of my mind. I went to the café to get a drink when I got tapped on the shoulder.

    “Hey Rat, who said you could sit there”, the person behind me said.
    “I didn’t see your name on it”, I replied.
    I was quickly surrounded by a gang of 5 guys. “Can’t we settle this some other way?”

    “What about a duel”, a voice from behind me said.
    “Stay out of this Austin”, the main person said, “This fresh meat has nothing to do with you”.
    “Actually, he really does, since his brother has made me his bodyguard Tyler”.
    “Fine, ill duel you Kyle”.
    Oh No, not me, My Machine Realm would destroy you”.

    At those words, my head snapped back and I stared at him.
    “You have one”, I whispered.
    Without looking at me, he nodded.
    So Rat, You gunna duel or what”, Tyler said.

    We both walked to the arena, and were flagged by a crowd of people.
    A Large looking man walked up to the stage when we got there. He put 1 hand on both of our shoulders.

    “Well Students, Since it seems your all here, This is a perfect time to say Hello. I am Chancellor Sahara. We will be arriving at Duel Academy in about 20 minutes, so lets say we pass the time with a duel. These 2 young chaps were already about to duel, so perfect timing. What are your names and Dorms?
    Tyler Scarletto, Gusto Green.
    Joey Neko, and ermm I don’t know what dorm I’m in.
    “Well sunny There are 3 dorms, : The lowest dorm is Gishki Blue. The Middle dorm is Blackwing Orange, and the Highest Dorm is Gusto Green. You can tell what dorm your in by the color room you were assigned to.”
    “Oh, well I guess I’m Gusto Green also”.
    “Excellent, 2 Top Notch duelists dueling it out. A perfect way to start the year.
    Well Then If I may, DUEL
    We both activated our duel disk’s and put our cards in. I heard a voice say “I’m waiting for you Joey”.
    I zoned back in just in time to hear Tyler say DRAW!

    Chapter 2: Duel

    “Draw”, Tyler said.
    He looked at his hand for about a minute, supposedly thinking of a strategy.
    “I activate Solar Recharge. I discard Wulf, Lightsworn Beast, which allows me to special summon him. I draw 2 cards, then send the top 2 cards from my deck to the grave. I set 1 card, and put 2 face-down cards to end my turn”.
    “My turn, Draw”, I said.
    “First, I activate the field spell card, Shadow Realm”.
    Tyler took a step back as the field changed. “What is that!!!”
    “My new card”, I replied. “Now I summon Shadow Sorcerer, and I activate his effect. I can special summon 1 shadow monster from my hand, and I choose….Shadow Serpent Sisterine”.
    Now, everyone in the arena took a step back at the never before seen card’s. Even the chancellor was giving him a funny look.
    “I tune my Sorcerer and my Serpent together to Dark Synchro Summon Shadow Archer!”.

    “DARK SYNCHRO SUMMON!!!!”, Kyle shouted, “You gotta be joking me. Dark Synchro monster’s were used by the Dark Signer’s 200 years ago. Where did your find them!!!!”.

    I thought about this, my brother never told me about the history of Dark Synchro monster’s.

    “Thanks to my field spell, My archer’s attack jumps to 3000. Attack Shadow Archer, Poison Arrow!”
    The arrow went flying toward Tyler’s lightsworn creature, pierced and destroyed it, and continued flying toward Tyler, dealing him 900 damage.
    “I’ll set 2 cards, then end my turn”.
    “My turn, draw”, Tyler said a little less certain.
    “I set I card face-down, then end my turn”, Tyler said.

    “Draw, I activate my Magic card; Darkness Draw, I can draw 1 card, and if it is a Shadow monster I can destroy one of your cards”.
    I drew, and it was a spell card.

    “Dam”, I said under my breath.
    “I activate Dark Hole, destroying both of our monster’s”, I said.
    “Why would you do that”, Tyler asked.
    “You will see, I activate monster reborn, bringing back my Shadow Serpent. Then, I normal summon Shadow Morpher. I tune them together Shadow Dark lord, Darkus. Its attack is raised to 3100 thanks to my field card. Attack Darkus, Hatred Fury.

    Tyler’s life points dropped to 4000.
    “I’ll set 2 cards, then end my turn”.
    “My turn, Draw. I special summon Lightsworn Monk, then…”
    I cut him off. “I activate my Trap card, Shadow Hole. Your monster is banished.”
    Tyler looked at his cards, in hope that he missed something that could win him the game.
    “I’ll set 2 face-down, and end”, he said.

    "My turn, Draw. I activate Heavy Storm. Then I summon Shadow Spy. I tune them together to Dark Synchro Summon Dark Lord. Rise from the night, Destroy all in your path, Shadow Darklord!”.
    Everyone took a step backward as the arena turned dark, and a slime oozed out of the floor. It’s expanded, putting one string of itself on ever wall.
    “Thanks to Shadow Realm, his attack is raised to 4000, just the same as your life points”.

    “Now Finish Him Shadow DarkLord, Shadow Cannon!!”
    The Shadow seemed to take a step back, then lunge itelf at Tyler, firing a thin laser at his chest at the same time.

    Tyler fell to his knees as his lifepoints dropped to 0.
    “I-I lost to a rat”, he said on his knees.

    Austin came over, grinning like he won the lotto. “How am I suppose to protect you, when you go attracting the attention of everyone on the boat in the first 20 minutes here.”
    I was gunna reply, but I was cut off.

    “We are arriving at Duel Academy, please collect your bags……….

    Critizm Please

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    The Realms Empty Re: The Realms

    Post by D-JR on Tue Mar 27, 2012 1:48 am

    So this is the start of the Character decks that you were asking for? (Just trying to make sure.)
    Also, 'Solemn Warning' would negate 'Super Polymerization' not the summon of 'Elemental HERO Nova Master'.

    In America!!!
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    Post by Opda11 on Sun Apr 15, 2012 7:54 am

    Nice fanfic. You have lots of playing mistakes though.
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    Post by D-JR on Mon Apr 16, 2012 8:10 am

    i wants to be in it ;3

    In America!!!
    The Realms 2s76rs3
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    Post by Opda11 on Mon Apr 16, 2012 12:33 pm

    May I be in it too?
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    Post by Acefire17 on Sat Apr 21, 2012 1:29 am

    Opda, Your wats his face ermmmmm Jake

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